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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Diva Defense System

Not comfortable living alone? Finding it hard to sleep at night? Well then I would recommend The Diva Defense System. Since I have adopted this method, I sleep carefree, like a baby.

This system is simple and easy to follow and you can customize it to best fit your lifestyle.

I personally sleep surrounded by a child's baseball bat (Dodger blue, signed by Mike Piazza), a diamond studded, leopard print pepper spray, a giant, 10 pound flash light that my dad gave me for my birthday that he said will come in handy when I need to "billy-club someone upside the head" and a ferocious guard dog (ok maybe not so much, but he is my first line of defense).

Household items also suggested for Diva Defense: frying pans, kitchen knives, high heels, coat hangers as nonchucks, empty wine bottles...the possibilities are endless. Try it today, satisfaction guaranteed!

Hey, it's Los Angeles and a Diva can never be too safe.