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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I like this whole idea...

I like this whole idea of documenting life, stories, and little everyday things. The only problem I have with doing this journaling thing online is, where will this blog be in 50 years? I don't think someone will stumble across it in the unknown realm of the Internet, because, more than likely, the whole world-wide-web will be a thing of the distant past in 2058. Weird thought, huh?

This is why I think a handwritten journal is so important. I like the paper trail. Besides, nothing beats handwritten, heartfelt writing and scribbles. Blogs and online journals can be so calculated because you can re-read them, make edits and changes, delete portions- but as far as the journal goes, you only have one shot really. A journal is much more raw. Much more honest.

On my friend's grandfather's 80th birthday, he gave all his family and friends a leather-bound copy of his journal that he had been keeping for over 60 years. I fell in love with this idea. He had documented everything in there- the big things- from meeting his wife, having kids, careers, grandkids- and the little everyday things that would quickly be forgotten if he hadn't written them down.

So in 50 years, I want to look back at my journal and recall lessons I've learned, goodness I've found, and the humor and love that everyday life offers. And maybe I'll also bind them all together and pass along the stories, however big or small, that inevitably make up me.