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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some Foot Wisdom

Yesterday while I was on the elevator, a lady I'd conversed with before entered, but this time she was limping horribly. I asked, "What happened, did you sprain your ankle?" and she said "No, I hurt my toe!" Luckily she was wearing sandals, so I had the chance to look down and survey the damage. Immediately I noticed the right big toe that was looking all funky and dark and gross and just crying out "I hurt! Someone help me!" So my uncensored, overly-dramatic reaction to her was, "Oucccchhhh! Ahhhhh! Wow, that looks like it hurts!!" And she responded, obviously offended, with, "No it's not that foot, it's the other one!" and then she stormed (well, limped, but quicker than before) out of the elevator.

Now, I know not everyone is fortunate enough to be a natural born foot model like myself, but is it that hard to get a pedicure from time to time? This is LA! There are 5 nail salons per block! And if you aren't going to be keeping up with the pedicures, then be sure to do yourself a huge favor and wear thick white athletic socks with your sandals! The sock with sandals remedy may not be the most stylish (well, unless you look up to my dad for fashion advice), but it will save your pride and keep that toe-funkiness under wraps! Just trying to help....