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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Earthquakes. My only fond duck-and-cover memory would have to be senior year of high school. We had an earthquake drill and we all had to get under our desks and as the loud speaker came on to say it was over, my AP English teacher came out from under her desk all frazzled with a huge dust ball right on the top of her head. The best part was that no one told her about the dust ball and let it sit on her head for about 10 minutes while she continued lecturing. It was classic. Today's experience wasn't so great...
Earlier today there was an earthquake. Growing up in Southern California, I have experienced plenty of earthquakes, but this time it was different. This time I was on the 6th floor of a giant, swaying brick office building and I knew full well that I couldn't run outside or escape. Instead, I had to get under my ultra-modern glass desk and wait it out (a glass desk- sounds like an accident waiting to happen, right?). Let's just say that I cannot stay calm in these kinds of situations. I will never be the hall monitor and I'm ok with that. During the 20 seconds of the earth shaking today, I was in a little frenzy, and with my co-workers and boss onlooking, I may have almost shed a tear. Almost. And I was still trembling well after the earthquake ended.
The thing about these situations is that we are completely out of control of our own life. But really, we are never in control, we just like to think we are. And we will keep thinking that we are in control to make ourselves feel safe and secure and alright, until something rattles and shakes us up and leaves us vulnerable with a realization of how small and powerless we really are. That's where God comes in...
Now I can hear my boss in his office on the phone, saying to someone, "Yeah I had no time to panic because one of the girls here was freaking out and running around and crying about to have a break down. She's not from California, this was her first quake, so I was consoling her." He's clearly exaggerating and has the story all wrong- I am from California.