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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mr. Bambino

Today my eccentric, unpredictable boss called me into his office. "Jess, come here for a minute." I always get a little nervous when he says that (not that I've done anything wrong unless you count spending work time writing blogs and personal emails, catching up on the daily celebrity gossip columns, or shopping online). As I walked into his office, his voice sounded very urgent. "I need your help with something." He was sitting at his desk holding an object up to the light, examining it closely.

After walking over to his desk, I saw he was holding a key chain with a little man on it. "I need to pray and activate this key chain. It is from Italy and has guaranteed magical powers. Please join me." I laughed, thinking he was joking, but his face was serious and almost somber as he began a prayer. "Hello Mr. Bambino. How are you? Mr. Bambino, please activate this key chain for me..." I stood there awkwardly through the nearly 2 minute prayer, which ended in a plead for Bambino to take him to heaven when the time comes.

Later in the day, I popped my head in his office and asked how the Bambino was doing. He pulled the little man out of his shirt pocket, looked at him admiringly, and said, "I'm digging him, digging the Bambino. He looks like the Italian Bob's Big Boy! And his magic better work!"

And to make things more wacky, he was on the phone with someone and instead of saying "Goodbye" before hanging up, he said, "Lots of love plus a little Bambino!"