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Monday, August 4, 2008

"Meet me on the green hill at 3:00."

Wouldn't it be great if life was like it was back in elementary school when all of your friends lived in your neighborhood? The world was so small back then. Maybe there'd be that one random friend who lived far enough away that your mom would have to drive you to see them, but everyone else was just walking distance. Hop on your bike and see anyone you want in 4 minutes or less. How nice would that be today? That is, if I can still ride a bike...

Things are so different now. My friends are all scattered. The world is much bigger. And instead of living on the same street as all of my friends, I'm living in a studio in LA surrounded by a gang of grumpy old folks without a familiar face in sight. (Oh, I call them a gang because if I met them in the alley I would fear for my life---well actually first I'd fear for their life because of their old age and deteriorating health, but after that, I'd start fearing for my own life. Have you ever been hit in the head with a cane? Yeah, me neither, but I think it would hurt. Especially if the cane is similar to the huge metal one that my grandpa used, with the 4 prong legs at the bottom. That thing was the real deal! It served as a stabilizer and a weapon of mass destruction all in one. Oh how I loved that cane; it was the perfect height for me to use as a faux microphone, so I took every advantage of singing Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love Of All" into it whenever I saw him.)

But really, life has become busy and complicated and we need more hours in the day, more vacation time in the year, more mileage points on the flight reward card, to be able to spend close to enough time with the people that we love.

If all was still like elementary school (but with updated technology), I would send out a mass email or text message to all the good friends in my life that said, "Meet me on the green hill at 3:00." And come 2:59 there would be a gang (much friendlier than the elderly gang with their canes) of familiar faces making their way to an afternoon visit. No freeways, traffic, airplanes, rain checks, or last minute flake-outs, a get together would be just that simple.