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Friday, October 24, 2008

Mozie has a lover.

Mozie has a lover. They've been together for almost 2 years. They met on Christmas and it was an arranged relationship of sorts. The lover was Mozie's first toy and little did we know, the lover would quickly become his first love. Ah young love. If only we could all be so lucky...

Mozie has a lover. And he is not shy about it. At all! I can see the passion in his eyes when he looks at the lover, and if the lover weren't a teddy bear without any facial features, I'm pretty sure its eyes would be zoned in on Mozie too. It's sweet that Mozie can look beyond the lover's handicap and lack of any sort of face or body type. Not to toot my own horn, but I must be a great parent, instilling in him that looks aren't everything in a relationship.

Mozie has a lover. And they are all over each other. Sometimes their intense relationship is uncomfortable to watch and I often times feel I'm in the way, like I'm the 3rd wheel on the honeymoon and the fun's just getting started.

Mozie has a lover. And so I finally had to step in and do something about it! The lover was distracting Mozie from his education! He has studied so hard and he is so close to learning to roll over, shake, and better yet, mop the floors with his furry chin. (Let's not mention the fact that I even enrolled Mozie in an obedience school, partly because I wanted to train him to be a good dog but mostly because I thought it would be a good way to meet people since we were new to the area. Yeah right, I show up on the first day and I thought I had accidentally enrolled in Lawn Bowling at the Santa Monica Senior Center! There was at least a half of a century age gap between me and the other classmates. Great. Typical. Story of my life. Oh what fun.) Besides the distraction from his higher education, I just hated to think of the two lovebirds (lovedogs?) unsupervised, escapading and gallivanting around the apartment while I am away at work. (I think my use of the words "escapading" and "gallivanting" just aged me half of a century.)

Mozie has a lover. Call me overprotective but I have finally had enough! I put the lover away in a drawer. It is finished. Mozie is heartbroken, but little does he know, Christmas is just around the corner and it's quite possible he will be given a new lover in his stocking. And this time I will pick his future mate more carefully. Hopefully I'll find a prospect with a face, some sort of facial expression, and preferably with a specific gender.