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Friday, December 19, 2008

The Avocado

Hello world, please answer two questions for me. First off, did you know the name "avocado" refers to the fruit that is technically a large berry? Secondly, do you know why someone would put this large berry under my car tire? It happened today in my work parking lot. It's not like it happened in a grocery store parking lot, at a farmer's market, or in an avocado grove. I think it was a total set up. My coworker said, "Maybe it fell out of someone's purse." Rightttt, the last time I put an avocado in my purse...let me think...was never. Besides, who eats avocados in the winter and how did it happen to roll perfectly under my front tire? Perfectly. Well if the jokester wants it back he should bring a spatula and scrape up the fresh guacamole that I just made for him. Merry Christmas to you too.