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Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 and Crushed Velvet

I can't believe that it's already 2009. It seems like only yesterday that we were instructed to "Party like it's 1999" by an artist/symbol who may or may not answer to the name of 'Prince'. Which reminds me, did anyone really figure out how to party like it's 1999? Yeah, I didn't think so, and it's not like I would have really taken Prince's advice on partying anyway. Although, I would happily follow his fashion advice, because who doesn't love ruffled dress shirts and crushed velvet? Especially crushed velvet, bright purple jumpsuits. Brilliantly flattering and timeless with great ventilation, or so I hear.

It's crazy how much a year can change things. This time last year I was living in suburban Orange County, working in an industry that I wasn't passionate about, and I was already feeling the infamous, mundane, and highly overrated "real world" setting in. Then 10 months ago I landed a job and moved to Los Angeles to follow my dream in music and it's not that I've arrived yet, but I feel like I'm on my way towards somewhere that I've always wanted to be. And seeing how everything has turned out ok, seeing that things are much better than I could have expected so far, makes me want to put myself out there even more and just jump in and go for those big things that I've always dreamed.

Time goes by so quickly and you wish there were a way to stop it from slipping through your finger tips, a way to grab it by its collar and shake it and scream in it's face "Where do you think you are going?!?" But until we find a way to slow it all down, I guess all that's left is to embrace it. Embrace new possibilities, new adventures. Welcome change with open arms and risk more and take the playing-it-safe thing down a notch. Dial practicality back a bit, run as fast as you can away from the mundane, and just be fully alive and present for every single journey and detour that the new year brings.

Oh and I almost forgot, in 2009, please embrace crushed velvet. Do it for me. Quite contrary to what you've probably been taught, it's not only for Prince or Pimps.