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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I bathe with rock stars.

I bathe with rock stars. It's official, I have now fully embraced the rock and roll life. If you know anything about me, you may be laughing, but it's oh so true. I'm usually not a name dropper, so please don't tell them that I told you, but this morning I showered with Bono from U2 and Elton John. I'm not sure how Sir Elton felt about the whole encounter, but nonetheless, it was quite an experience...

Although I nearly had to tackle someone for it, I successfully scored an in-shower stereo on clearance for $2.50 at an after Christmas sale and I haven't been as excited about something since I bought that kitchen rack that you can hang bananas on. Really, the stereo is runner-up for the "Best $2.50 I've Ever Spent Award" in my book. (Yes, I have a book of various amounts of money and various items I've bought for those various amounts.)

Let me tell you, a shower radio will nearly change your life. I have never been one for singing in the shower, but how things have changed. My neighbors should be honored to listen, or they should be honored to take out their hearing aids, because with my new set up, I can really get going. Just a heads up, when you first try singing in the shower, you'll find you may hold back a bit, unsure of your actual vocal power and projection, but give it some time and you will quickly be belting at the top of your lungs and confidently thinking, "Wow, is it just me or should I be nominated for a Grammy?" I've found that the bathroom acoustics are perfect for ballads and I look forward to throwing Whitney or Mariah into the mix, but I don't want to rush things. I'm still new at this.

I wonder who I'll bathe with tomorrow. Oh the possibilities. I have a feeling it may be The Bee Gees, but I truly believe that one of these days it will be John Mayer and that's what keeps me so fresh and so clean.