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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Fall

There is something humbling in falling. Especially when you're walking down busy Wilshire Boulevard during rush hour traffic and your high heel gets caught in the crack of the damp sidewalk and everything begins to play out in slow motion and you feel like you're about to do a face plant into the cement and then for a second you think you're ok and you've redeemed your balance and regained your composure but sure enough you were wrong and suddenly you remember how ridiculously much you paid for your purse that is now out of your grasp and is flying through the air about to skid and take a beating across the ground and you're quickly reminded of the new jeans you are wearing that would not look very good with a giant hole in the knee which then reminds you of the time when patches were in style back in junior high and you would put them all over your backpack and clothing and you think to yourself that if patches were still in style today you could always put a giant peace sign patch over the knee if your jeans ripped but patches aren't in style so you're pretty screwed and it's back to reality and you're down for the count on the cold sidewalk and no one stops to help you up even though you heard that the world is supposed to be a kinder place because Obama is now President and you don't even want to look up and make eye contact with anyone because you can bet on the fact that every single stranger on the street and every single car stopped at the nearby stop lights and every single bird in the sky just tried to fight back a smile and probably didn't win the fight and are laughing pretty hard at this very moment because you just ate it. Humbling.

I'd like to think that it's how we get back up and carry on that matters. That makes my bruised knee and ego feel better. So although I felt like staying sprawled out on the sidewalk while screaming a few choice obscenities at the top of my lungs, I opted to keep it classy. I brushed myself off, picked up my purse while apologizing profusely to it, and pressed on. Ok fine, I ran to my car to hide, but who's to say that isn't classy?