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Thursday, February 26, 2009

moving on up

I am becoming a professional mover. Who would have thought? I hate lifting heavy things. For the past 3 years I haven't lived in the same place for more than a year, and no, I'm not running from the FBI, and yes, I always pay my rent on time.

My first move was the official "I just graduated from college and so I guess that the next step is to get a job and get out of the parent's house" move. That time I moved out with a friend. Then last year I landed a good job in the music industry and so that was the official "Now's the best time of any to move to LA and follow my dreams, even if it's alone" move. So I ended up in Santa Monica, and I feel like I've found something special here. It's a city on the ocean and it's quirky and colorful and all the houses are different, and I'm planning on staying here for a while, but I decided an apartment upgrade was a must. So last weekend I made yet another move, only a few blocks away, that I'd like to call the "Dammmnnn, I need more space because my studio is getting too claustrophobic!" move.

When it came to having people over, my studio was just an awkward situation. Yes awkward is the only way to describe it when your queen sized bed is the main piece of furniture in your living area. Sure I had a love seat, but you're still pretty limited, and it felt like I was inviting someone over and offering, "Hi..uhh, do you want to sit on my bed and talk?" Yeah right. And with all the old folks in the building going to bed at 7pm, it was hard to want to entertain when you would have to stress to your friends, "Don't laugh, don't make any noise because we don't want to wake Father Time while he's sleeping!"

So now with double the space in my new apartment, I plan on having people over more often, and if I end up taking after my mom, I'll even become a hostess with the mostess. Sorry mom, I don't promise to actually cook for my guests, but I will happily get take out that can pass for homemade and will impress immensely. I also have a 24 set of wine glasses that I have never been able to use all at once (for fear of being called a wino) and a fondue pot that's screaming for attention.

So it's "Goodbye studio, I can't say I'll miss you!" and "Hello, 1 bedroom, I think I love you already!"