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Friday, May 15, 2009


It's time to rearrange. I am in need of inspiration. We all are. Whether or not it's actually audible, we are screaming for a new perspective and something more than the day-in-day-out drain of finding our way.
Up until this week, the desk in my office was facing a corner between two walls. Now, facing a wall is fine if you have no other option, but my office has windows, one of which looks down upon the hustle and bustle of Wilshire Boulevard. My office had long been set up before I had moved into it, and for some reason I didn't question the choice of desk positioning. But this week has spurred on something strange in me. Maybe I've caught the spring cleaning bug, but that's much better than this swine bug going around, so I'll take it. The main symptom, you ask? Manic rearranging of all office furniture in sight. With my new set up I can now feel the sunshine and enjoy a far off view of the seemingly magical downtown L.A. I must warn you of one side effect. My boss now thinks my office resembles a dental office, causing him to yell "Dr. Fung Shui" and "My molar hurts!" every time he walks by.
Speaking of dental offices, I went in for a blast of a teeth cleaning last Saturday and I brought in some bleaching trays that my dentist had made for me over 5 years ago. (No, I don't really bleach these pearly whites, and yes, I'm still a completely natural blond.) These trays were fitting my mouth and teeth all funky and I was prompted to try on the trays as the dentist and 2 technicians gathered around my face and suddenly looked terribly concerned. The alignment of the trays were all off and unless I just don't recall being punched in the jaw repeatedly, they weren't mine. In a horrifying turn of events, I had some how acquired my brother's bleaching trays. (In his defense, he doesn't really bleach his pearly whites either, and yes, he's still a completely natural brown.) Everyone in the dental office had a good, long laugh at my expense and I had a good, even longer mouth wash.
I think the moral of this story is to opt for Crest White strips instead of your brother's bleaching trays and don't ever settle for a wall because there's got to be a window somewhere. Rearrange what you've been given and open up to let the light in.