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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bon appetit.

While in Italy, I picked up small souvenirs for everyone that works in my office. Olive oil soaps for the women and a bag of handmade pasta for the men. Simple enough, right? Wrong... My coworker came into work this morning and strangely began inquiring as to if I had looked closely at the pasta and if I had intentionally picked it out for him. So, out of curiosity I called my mom to have her inspect a bag of the same type of pasta that she had brought home for my grandparents. As you know, the statue of David is Italy's biggest (ok maybe not the biggest) rock star and apparently, instead of bow tie, each piece of pasta had been very much inspired by David. Yes, leave it to me to unknowingly present my boss and coworker with a souvenir bag of penis pasta. Bon appetit.