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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What I Learned in Europe

I've just returned from a few wonderful weeks in Europe. My family went on a Mediterranean cruise for my parent's 30th anniversary. We saw some awesome sights from Italy and Greece to the French Riviera and Barcelona. It was a great change of pace and scenery, as I was in desperate need of inspiration and perspective and apparently, dessert after every single meal (and snack). On this vacation, unlike our usual relaxing Hawaiian holiday, every stop was a history lesson and an in depth learning experience.

So what exactly did I learn? Well for beginners, I learned that Yoko Ono looks like the little old man from The Karate Kid movies, and she has great posture and giant sunglasses covering 5/8ths of her round face. She was on our flight from New York to Venice. I'm not sure if sweetheart can walk because she was driven everywhere by an airline attendant on a little cart. Ok fine, I'll admit that I was extremely jealous as I stumbled through the airport in her dust with way more carry-on bags than allowed, not to mention my heavy Temper-Pedic pillow and one of those extremely sexy neckrole pillows in a Cheetah print fabric. (Note to self, there is absolutely no way to look good while sleeping on a plane, and the animal themed neckrole doesn't help the matter.)

I also learned that going on a cruise consisting entirely of people with gray hair or newlyweds isn't the greatest way to meet the love of your life. So although my original plan of coming back to LA with a souvenir in the form of a tall, statue of David-esque, Italian man didn't come true, I did make it home with a tall bottle of Italian Limoncello, which is almost as good.

Oh yeah, I have also gained the knowledge that jet lag is not just a sissy excuse, it is real. And it stings. Yes indeed, jet lag is the only explanation of me compulsively scrubbing the floorboards in my bathroom this morning at 6 am. I know, it's horrible, isn't it? I was up before 9am and I was cleaning!

Really though, walking through ancient ruins and on cobblestone streets that date back a few thousand years, puts more than a few things in perspective. We are so small. We are one little speck in time just passing through. And somehow, we've got to make it matter.
Limoncello anyone?