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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Elevator Love

Maybe I watch too many movies or read too many books about fateful encounters, but I think I've nearly fallen in love 4 times in an elevator. I say "nearly" because let's be honest, time is never on our side and we really don't get the chance to see where things could go. But the potential is definitely there. I'd like to get into the details of these near love experiences but I wouldn't have a clue where to begin considering the whirlwind romances usually last a 40 second elevator ride.

Today as I was heading into an elevator, I saw the door shutting as I tried to make it in time, and suddenly someone reached their entire arm through the door to stop it from closing. They literally had one inch to spare. I walked into the elevator and was surprisingly greeted by something ridiculously close to male model in a suit with alluring cologne and a perfect smile. (A dress suit, not birthday suit, by the way. That would be a bit creepy.) We stood in the center of the elevator and I broke the silence.

"Hey. Thanks for risking your arm for me."

"I know that was a close one, huh?"

"Yes, you nearly lost a limb!"

"Well, for you I think it would have been all worth it."

A moment later the elevator stopped at his destination. If only I worked in a 100 story building. I was sooo tempted to "accidentally" hit the emergency button with my elbow to buy more time, but I have no guts and only live out my amazing, risky ideas in my head, plus it probably would have dispatched the fire department, causing a big scene and a $500 fine for a false alarm.

Sure the male model wasn't serious about losing a limb for me, that would just be unnecessary and uncomfortable and I would not expect that kind of dedication from a complete stranger, but something about what he said rang true. We are on a quest to find someone who is willing to risk it all for us. So stop taking the stairs because someone incredible could be on the next elevator. (That is, unless good legs are more important to you than good love, and if that's the case, opt for the stairs and good luck. Just please consult your doctor before any rigorous activity.)