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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Speaking of running...

Random Question: What is better than working out with a Calvin Klein underwear model / Twilight vampire?

Obvious Answer: Working out on a treadmill previously owned by a Calvin Klein underwear model / Twilight vampire.

Yes, it is true, my roommate Jen is the proud owner of Kellan Lutz's old treadmill. (Please don't tell the paparazzi. We value our privacy.) I will have no need to ask for an explanation when I stumble upon her curled up in the fetal position on the treadmill belt muttering the star's name...oh wait, that will be me.

Speaking of running, which I usually never speak of so this is an especially athletic day for me, I recently watched my friend conquer the LA Marathon. As I was standing on the sidelines, besides spotting one of the actors who was a hobbit in The Lord Of The Rings as well as a 6' 5" flaming Elvis, I was meticulously planning out my hypothetical marathon running music playlist for my iPod and my marathon running outfit all while having no desire to ever run a mile. (Yes, my music playlist would most definitely include 'Mmmbop' and my outfit would most definitely include a black tu-tu.) Surveying all of the running clothing I also began feeling a bit nostalgic about stretchy biker shorts. Thanks to their amazing comfort and extremely stylish look, I proudly wore them daily for about 3 years straight in elementary school. Ah, the good old days.

Who knows, perhaps due to Mr. Lutz's treadmill and my strong desire to have a legit excuse to wear biker shorts in public again, I may just consider taking up this running thing. Yeah, not extremely likely. But if for some reason this Calvin Klein model / Twilight vampire still feels a strange but special emotional connection to his old exercise equipment and wants to revisit it in our apartment, I'm sure we can work out some sort of gym-like membership. I'd even be willing to give him a discounted rate if he'd be willing to let us watch him run. And shower. How could he pass up that sweet offer? Good luck finding a deal like that at 24 Hour Fitness.